Whoa!!! Cd still spinning after eject

  algernonymous 17:04 16 May 07

Just ejected a cd cos it sounded noisier than usual and the thing was still violently spinning in the tray. Good job gravity managed to keep it there and it didn't fly out.
Anyone know about this happening?
Is this a prelude to the drive packing up?

  Technotiger 17:12 16 May 07

Hi, could be, how old is it? Sounds as if the brakes are worn (only jokin')

the cd player on my midi system in my bedroom has started doing that, im guessing somethings failing.
they are very cheap to replace or hang on till it packs up, just remember to wear goggles and protective headgear when using the pc!

  algernonymous 17:55 16 May 07

It's only about 4 years old, Compaq make. I've had plenty of much older ones and never known it to happen.

  Diemmess 18:07 16 May 07

A son attended a Post Grad course on risk assessment.
The speaker started his lecture with this-
click here

  Technotiger 18:16 16 May 07

Hmm, I don't doubt that at all, but I have known it happen in well under 4 years. You could of course check other avenues - open your case and check for anything unusual, loose or broken, but I think the most likely cause is, it is just getting old quicker than normal.... bit like me really!

  algernonymous 18:20 16 May 07

Very amusing!
But there's no mirrorball over my cd drive...!

  rodriguez 18:20 16 May 07

I've had that happen before on a couple of drives - try a few different discs in it. Sometimes CDs can be slightly off-shape and have slightly different thicknesses. But the most like cause is the drive's motor that spins the disc. When you eject a disc, it has to spin the motor backwards to slow it down and stop it spinning. If this isn't working properly, the disc will just carry on spinning as the tray pops out, possibly scratching it in the process.

  algernonymous 18:50 16 May 07

Maybe my windows machine detected I was about to load a linux cd and thought it would do it some damage!!!

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