Who here uses Dialer Control?

  Godfather2004 10:47 07 Apr 04

After reading a thread about this site click here I want to find out how many peopl use it as i want to be sure its completely safe before is install it.
So who here on this fourm uses it? And is it safe?

Regards Jay

  Godfather2004 10:50 07 Apr 04

P.S I already have Premium rate calls bared from my B.T line. By doing this will it block all numbers beiong dialled out that are premium rate?

  rawprawn 11:00 07 Apr 04

With regard to BT and premium rate barring, I am not sure but there was a thread at one time explaing that BT would or could not block all calls to preium rate numbers. I have the feeling it was numbers outside the UK that they would not block.

  byfordr 12:00 07 Apr 04

I've got it installed, have done for a while. Although I primarily use b/b I have a modem incase it is unavailable. It works very well, had no problems with it, no spy or adware either. I had something trying to dial out yesterday which set it off (so yes it does work! Although for me its irrelvant as I have bb)


  ventanas 12:06 07 Apr 04

I've downloaded it, but have yet to install. The problem is everything is in German. I can just see myself blocking all numbers and not being able to get out of it because I can't understand the instructions. I gather that you select a language when you install. I wonder if that also puts in an English Help file?

  byfordr 12:22 07 Apr 04

It all installs in English...its just the site that is in German.


  ventanas 12:28 07 Apr 04

Thank you, for the second time today.

  Graham ® 13:01 07 Apr 04

BT would not be able to bar premium rate numbers outside the UK because they're all different. What they can do is bar international calls, to override this they will give you a pin number.

  Godfather2004 14:11 07 Apr 04

Thanks i will download it now.

  Godfather2004 14:28 07 Apr 04

Can anyone tell me how to use this software? AS i dont reall understand what it does to protect me.

  Godfather2004 14:47 07 Apr 04

Scrap the last thread i poted, i have got the hang of it, the only safe number is the dial up number, is that ok?

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