White titles underneath desktop icons.

  folaboss 19:02 30 Jun 04

I've just upgraded to XP home and notice the titles underneath the desktop icons are white and most are difficult to read against my wallpaper. How can I change these to a darker colour? I can't remember what they were on ME but I could read them easier. Or, could the dark blue background which comes up when clicked on be made a permanent feature for each icon?

  Fordy 19:23 30 Jun 04

I just switched to classic desktop

  squareye 19:24 30 Jun 04

Hi folaboss
Not what you asked but if you would like see through icon titles-
Control Panel-System-Advanced-Performance-settings-Visual effects- second box from bottom "use drop shadows",

  esbe 23:50 30 Jun 04

Hi, in Me its R.Click on desktop / Properties /Appearance tab / in the Item box choose 'Desktop' & the color setting is beside it.


  folaboss 14:32 02 Jul 04

Thanks for trying to help. Yes, what you suggest can change what is behind the titles in the various dialogue boxes but what I'm after is to change the colour of the actual titles underneath the icons on the desktop. They are currently white and my desktop wallpaper has a lot of sky in it so the white is not distinct on the pale blue background. If you click on one it gives it a dark blue background - I'd like that feature permamently on for all icons or the facility to change the white titles to another colour.

  stlucia 14:55 02 Jul 04

Start>settings>display>appearance seems to have an option to change the font colour, but on my company PC is disabled (greyed-out). Maybe it's only available with some backgrounds.

  rawprawn 15:01 02 Jul 04

click here this is a great program and it will let you change icons and a whole lot of other things. I think you can still get it on a free 30 day trial. I was so impressed I bought it. Failing that change the Desktop background, not all are suited to be used in conjunction with any icons.

  Shas 15:14 02 Jul 04

I have WIN98se so this might not work the same for you, but can you change the desktop colour to as near as possible the colour of your wallpaper? I sometimes use a wallpaper that is predominently white and I find that if I set the desk top colour to white, the lettering underneath the icons automatically changes to black to compensate.

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