White Screen

  rafalution 19:54 03 Nov 05


I could really use some expert guidance here being the PC illiterate that I am.
When using my PC, after about 15 mins the screen goes white. Can't see any error page and it is full screen white. Nothing will get me out of this apart from holding the on/off switch on the hardrive for a few seconds in order to power off.
I have reinstalled the monitor, updated the drivers for my graphics card and run a virus scan all to no avail.

Should also have mentioned that this problem first occurred when I installed Football manager 2006 for the first time but now happens regardless of whether I am playing the game or not.
Has the game altered some settings somewhere??
Please let me know what you think as I have been trying to sort it out for a week now.

  sinbad1 20:29 03 Nov 05

have a look click here
you could try uninstalling your program to see if its causing your problem.

  rafalution 23:33 03 Nov 05

Many thanks for the link Sinbad1.
Interestingly, I have the same monitor as discussed in this thread. I'll give these a try and let you know.

  rafalution 12:00 04 Nov 05

Having totally disconnected the monitor and running the self test, I now see that the monitor is probably kapput. Still changes to a white screen after about 10mins.
Fortunately I had an old monitor in the shed and when connected it seems to work fine. It's the old style, non TFT, size of a house jobbie.
Works ok on evberything apart from when I try to load Football manager 2006. Screen then goes all hazy and shows everything in triplicate. Also get a whistling sound too. Same happens if I uninstall and then reinstall.
Is this just a case of the screen being too old for this type of new game? A screen resolution issue perhaps??

  sinbad1 14:01 04 Nov 05


woth playing around with the monitor settings;but sound like its kapput as you say.

Think its a case of a new monitor unless others have any ideas


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