white desktop

  conrail 21:51 03 Sep 10

using vista home premium 64 bit sp1, after resetting to factory settings and reinstalling software everything was fine until I installed Nuance PDF Reader then desktop which I had customised turned white, clicking on 'show desktop' it reverts back to my settings but as soon as I click on a file or program the desktop turns white again, clicking on 'show desktop' shows the desktop but minimises the program,
it should not be nuance as I had this before I reset the pc,
all hekp and advice greatly accepted

  jamesd1981 12:56 04 Sep 10

check through all your file type associations, make sure somehow none have become associated with the wrong program.

  northumbria61 13:22 04 Sep 10

I would go to "Task Manager" and view just what applications are running when you get this "white screen" - you should find the culprit.

  conrail 21:58 04 Sep 10

thanks jamesd1981 and northumbria61, switched on this morning and problem appears to have gone away, have followed your suggestions but everythinbg appears fine so no idea on what happened, maybe it was nuance, did not use saved download from previous use, did fresh download from filehippo, maybe it was that program, anyway I have downloaded foxit reader, still everything fine this evening so it looks sorted, so many thanks for your time, help and adfvice, I appreciate it

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