whistling webcams

  Paisley_38 12:15 23 May 03

Me and 4 mates all use logitech webcams and when in conversation we are plagued by feedback type noises. It only appears with logitec webcams,we have made sure that there are no speakers nearby. If we use headsets it dissapears and if we talk using another make of cam the problem isn't there. Any ideas please???
Thanks Paisley

  Confab 13:20 23 May 03

If the problem dissapears with headsets then it sounds like it is feedback. Maybe someone has the mic gain turned up too high or a speaker is too close to the mike. You'll need to experment but it could be any one of you who has the problem.


  DieSse 13:28 23 May 03

Mute the microphone - it should still work, but will stop the feedback (it stops the mic output coming out of the speakers, which is what is causing the problem).

  hugh-265156 13:29 23 May 03

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