A Cat Called George 17:42 10 Feb 03

Can anyone here recommend an extra quiet keyboard to minimise disturbance to others nearby when typing please?

  Cordy13 17:51 10 Feb 03

Typhoon brand are exceptionally quiet, almost silent.

  A Cat Called George 18:27 10 Feb 03

Thank-you, I might give one a try soon.

  Sir Radfordin™ 18:43 10 Feb 03

The black ones that come with Dell PC's are the best, getting hold of them is hard though!

  A Cat Called George 18:55 26 Feb 03

This one is back on top because I would like to know if anyone out there knows where I can get a Typhoon Navigator RSI Kit (keyboard and mouse). It is proving very hard to track one down. No-one seems able to get stock. I would be especially interested to hear from a retailer who actually has one in stock now.

  Djohn 19:08 26 Feb 03

I use my PC in the lounge and have just acquired a keyboard from PC world (PC Line) £12-99, and though it is not silent it is extremely quiet and does not disturb anyone watching TV in the same room. My previous keyboard was driving my wife up the wall! J.

  « Ravin » 19:15 26 Feb 03

at present i'm using the logitech cordless freedom optical freedom set, which is very quiet but still it's nothing compared to my original dell keyboard!

  jolorna 19:44 26 Feb 03

they are doing the typhoon in Lidel tomorrow £34.99 with 5 button optical mouse

  tbh72 21:52 26 Feb 03

Dont get my new Cherry G84-4100, the key's are very noisey..... Just the way I like them!!!

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