whirring noise? whats up doc?

  weyland 00:36 24 May 03

Over the last few days i keep hearign this LOUD noise (like a whirrr...)coming from my pc. Most likely from my power fan unit. Is it dying? and how easy is it to install a new one? I have a mesh pc, asus a7ve, 1.2 athlon.

  hugh-265156 00:44 24 May 03

this might sound strange but get a kitchen roll tube or similar and hold it to your ear and with the case open locate the source of the noise.

  spuds 00:48 24 May 03

Fan or Hard-drive !!

  DieSse 01:11 24 May 03

It is most often the PSU fan that packs in first. You can try (briefly only) stopping the fan with a pen, or the like. If the noise stops - that's the one. PSU fans can be changed - BUT ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING - DANGEROUS VOLTAGE INSIDE A PSU EVEN WHEN DISCONNECTED.

New PSUs are not too expensive - but get a quality one - it pays in the long run.

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