Whining Noise from PC Boot Up

  Rogmur 11:26 31 Jul 04

Hi Forum Members

I have recently discovered a whining noise with my PC when it boots up.
I have checked the PSU fan, CPU fan, Internal cooling fan, and my Graphics Card fan, but am unable to determine where the noise is coming from.
I will add that after the PC has booted up, (about 2 minutes), the whining noise disappears.
I have a Mesh Matrix AMD XP3000+ running WinXP,
512MB, MSI Nvidia FX5600 Graphics card, Sony CD/DVD ROM drive and DVD-Rewriter drive (DW-U10A).
I have not noticed any problems with performance.
And my PC is less than a year old.
I would be very grateful for any help

Kind regards Rogmur

  jonnytub 11:38 31 Jul 04

you don't mention checking the hard drive.?

  Rogmur 19:53 31 Jul 04

Hi Jonny Tub

Sorry I forgot to mention about the hard drive.
It is a Maxtor 6Y 160 PO (160GB).

Hope that helps.
Many thanks

  flying grouse 19:57 31 Jul 04

disconnect hard drive and boot............see what happens

  GaT7 20:09 31 Jul 04
  woodchip 21:02 31 Jul 04

I would say CD drive easy way to check is remove the power cable when its turned of and before you start comp

  JayDay 21:05 31 Jul 04

I had similar problem. It was my psu fan. When it was whining I tapped the back of the PSU lightly and the noise stopped.

  woodchip 21:14 31 Jul 04

Are you leaving a CD in the drive? if so remove it and retry comp

  woodchip 21:21 31 Jul 04

(about 2 minutes) is about the time it would take to read a CD at start up

  Mikè 22:14 31 Jul 04

Have you checked your north-bridge fan?

  Rogmur 00:31 01 Aug 04

Thanks to all Forum Members

I suspect the answer lies in the PSU unit.
Recently when I tested the PC with the side panel off I re-booted the PC twice, and on the second re-boot the whining noise did not occur.
Therefore, it seems to occur from cold boot up only.
I have checked the rear of the PC fan and the temperature is often warm.
Now I will have the ineviable task of trying to get Mesh Computers to rectify the problem.
(I would rather ask for my money back).
I will keep the Forum informed on the problem.
Thanks again to all.
Kind regards

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