Which Wireless PC Card is better?

  nightrise420 06:23 05 Sep 08

Well i have two internal wireless pc card laying around. I need to choose one that will get the best reception for my desktop. I have horrible reception and i only get 1 bar through d-link wua-2340 usb 2.0 adaptor.
I heard the nic cards are better interms of performance and reception so im going to switch back to pci card. I just need advice on which one might be a better choice.

The MSI pc60g
click here

The ZyXel G360v2
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  nightrise420 06:27 05 Sep 08

I forgot to mention that the router will be Netgear WNR834Bv2

  L8-tian 17:59 05 Sep 08

As i understand the router is Netgear WNR834Bv2.ince you have given me 2 options in PCI adapters, I would suggest you to buy a Zyxel G360V2.

In case if you are ready to go for another PCI adapter, i would suggest you to buy WN311B Netgear PCI adapter.Because you are using netgear router which is N standard, WN311B is N standard adapter.But The adapters MSI pc60g and zyzel G360v2 are G standard adapter.. so the wireless output will have some variations because of different in standardsbetweeen router and adapter.

  nightrise420 19:33 05 Sep 08

Well if i had to buy then i would also buy the n standard adaptors but i already have those two adaptors available. So i will be using the zyxel adaptor. thank you =]

  ambra4 04:05 06 Sep 08

The Netgear WNR834Bv2 is a standard B/G/ Draft N 2.0 wireless router

To get the max distance and speed you need a Draft N wireless card

To use the Turbo G technology of the PC60G, you will have to connect to a MSI Turbo G

technology router

Wireless Turbo G Desktop PCI Card, Backward Compatible with 802.11b/g Routers

click here

Wireless Turbo G Broadband Router with 5 dBi High-gain Antenna

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The PC60G Turbo G wireless card will connect to the Netgear WNR834Bv2 but only at 54Mbps

The same would apply for the ZyXEL with 125Mbps G+ SuperSpeedTM Technology wireless card

To get a connect speed of 125Mbps you need to connect to a ZyXEL 125Mbps router

click here

Personal I would use the MSI card as the antenna is not fix and at the back of the unit, but you can move it around to get the best signal and connect speed

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