Which wireless adsl modem ? Need signal range

  dan-1723720 20 Mar 11


Please can someone advise on a wireless solution. I have a netgear dg834g which provides a wireless signal around my house. I have a 5 bedroom 3 storey house, but the signal can be poor\intermittent in some rooms.

I have netgear in the middle floor, which is connected to a NAS and I use pcs and macs to stream media off.

I'm thinking of either buying an adsl 2 modem with built in wireless or simply buying a wireless router - something like a netgear rangemax and plugging it into my existing router.

Please can someone advise on a solution and model?


  onthelimit 20 Mar 11

Personally, Id go for homeplug wireless. click here

  dan-1723720 21 Mar 11

hi on,

I've heard the power adaptors can be a bit flaky, what's your experience of them?

Just to confirm, I can have my wireless adsl modem on the top floor of my house, plug a power line to my modem using a cable and then using a similar unit, have the signal re-generated downstairs?

Can I use 3 or 4 of these around the house in different rooms?


  Altius 21 Mar 11

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  onthelimit 21 Mar 11

I've fitted several - the last was a 4 storey house with a cellar (where the router is situated). Fitted a home plug there, connected by ethernet to the router. Top two floors now have a wireless HP. Result - good signal throughout the house, whereas before, there was no signal higher than the ground floor. Speed seems OK for general internet use.


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