Which web building software?

  mikegm7 12:03 07 Nov 05

I am just starting out with web design. Pricewise and a 'well known'package, I am looking at Frontpage 2003.I have just purchased Micromart, they are featuring Web design and mention NAMO Web Editor6 (£62.99)Has anybody used this or would this package be too basic bearing in mind the price?

  ade.h 22:00 07 Nov 05

Stick to FP2003 or Fusion 8. I use Fusion, as do quite a few of us around here, and others who know what they're talking about better than I do use FP2003. Fusion is very wizzywig, which is great when you're starting out. It'll grow with you and as you get to know it fully, you'll find that it's a powerful tool. Arguably as good as any. FP is particularly good for data-heavy sites, like forums and e-commerce, if that's what you might get into.

  ade.h 22:02 07 Nov 05
  rotha 10:28 02 Dec 05

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  Taran 10:43 02 Dec 05

While I'd agree that FrontPage is about the single best web authoring program currently available, Namo is worth considering if your budget stretches to more than one program.

Namo Web Editor on its own is a very powerful program which features a lot of database integration tools and more site templates than you can shake a stick at. The Namo Web Editing suite is quite unique in that it ships with an Apache installer and Forum script already fully coded. You can template the forum to your likikng and provided you have PHP and MySQL support from your web host you publish it and off you go.

That said, I've not used the 2006 versions of Namo and so I can't vouch for whether you still get all of the above, but the program itself is very powerful and flexible in its own right.

FrontPage would still be my top overall recommendation though, to anyone wanting a program that is easy to use from the beginning but that can keep pace with them as their skills develop.

  vacaloca 21:19 06 Dec 05

Hi all, new-to-forum here, and not too experienced in web site design either
After some advice from a friend, I have been using dreamweaver for web design - is Frontpage better??

  ade.h 22:30 06 Dec 05

No, but it's easier! FP, DW and NOF are all very good; people have their faves of course (NOF for me) but if you can learn DW and become reasonably accomplished with it, you'll find that it can do all that you need. In the short time that I was able to allocate to learning it (a 30 day trial) I found it to heavy going. I bought NOF at less than half the price and got on with that much better.

  swapper 07:16 07 Dec 05


  swapper 07:16 07 Dec 05


  vacaloca 08:14 07 Dec 05

Thanks ade.h, I was a bit concerned that I'd spent all that money for nothing!

Swapper, what does ^ mean?

  swapper 10:09 07 Dec 05

vacaloca, sorry about that :-)
I found this thread interesting, had no constructive imput to make, but wanted to keep this in "My Postings" you will see this or something similar, often.

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