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  amyjen7 18:29 05 May 08

Hi I am looking for software that will transfer footage from my video camera, edit and save it to disk. 3 come to mind Magix Movie edit pro 14, Roxio Creator and Pinnacle Studio plus. As any one a favorite or views on these products?

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  eedcam 19:15 05 May 08

Of the two I would choose magix it has a good users forum . though I prefer Adobe premiere elements . it is all a question of which you find the easier to use and suits your needs .So I would use the free trial version before you buy. ActaullyIf you have a Minidv cam then you can use windows movie maker which you already have to capture your footage to the pc. Can you clarify the format your camcorder is

  Fermat's Theorem 00:01 06 May 08

is my one of choice. It has more timelines, more versatility in what can go in the timelines, and therefore allows more overlays, pic-in-pic effects etc.

I found it more enjoyable to use than Pinnacle which had the, what I thought to be, annoying habit of including sample effects in their software that were available at an extra cost. Arguably handy if you were looking for a specific effect, but I don't like my purchased software to have such a strong "shareware" feel about it.

Magix is a top-class programme - can't talk about backup or support fora because I've never had to use them.

Hope this helps :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 00:03 06 May 08

Windows Movie Maker may very well do all you want - and it is free :-)

  carper 10:45 06 May 08

I use Serif Movie maker Plus 5 and find it very good.
No great problem with any amount of time lines and sound editing is also easy.
There is also a very knowledgable forum.
Don't forget that with Windows Movie Maker it won't write DVDs or record sound.
Hope this helps, Regards Carper

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