"which version of Windows am I using?"

  p;3 22:07 30 Jul 05

forum members who wish to help you will need to know this;
if you do not know and obviously need to find out, one way you can do this is to watch your computer monitor screan as the system boots/loads up in normal mode ; you should then see the basic version shown on your monitor screan ; there are a variety of Windows versions and it will depend on your version as to what advise or guidance you may need to sort your particular issues ; that is why one of the basic questions, statements , requested by forum members helping you will ask or need to know; different windows versions behave /run in different ways, and not all have the same or similar capabilities;

for instance; there is windows 95 (rather old version), windows 98, windows 98se( my present version) , and so on;the most recent I believe is Windows XP; and each runs in a slightly different way and can go wrong in different ways; hense the need to know which version you are running :))

  Sapins 22:13 30 Jul 05

Or, Left click on Start then Right click on My Computer and left click on Properties, the general tab, which opens first will tell you which version you have.

  P.O.N.I. 13:20 31 Jul 05

Start> Control Panel> System

  p;3 13:28 31 Jul 05

on win 98se it is left mouse click on start tab/settings/ left mouse click on control pannel/left double-click system/ left click general tab :)

  curlylad 20:49 02 Aug 05

To find which version , Start , run , type winver , click OK and a window appears with your info.

  Pooke 20:56 02 Aug 05


that's a handy one!


  p;3 20:59 02 Aug 05

just tried it; but gives me as Win 98 and not the SE bit!!

  p;3 00:31 20 Nov 05


  Sharpamatt 08:42 20 Nov 05

look at system information,
( pro/acc/system/tools) it has everything clearly detailed and you can print it out

  PaulB2005 08:47 20 Nov 05

Windows 98 will just say Windows 98

Winodws 98 will say Windows 98 Second Edition.

Start Menu, Run.., type

winver and hit enter

what does it say?

  jbp1982 17:07 21 Nov 05

double click my computer. click help in the menu.

choose "about windows"

or the one "is this copy of windows legal?"

That's on windows xp sp2. Don't know about any other OS.

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