Which version driver should I use?

  s99Raj 20:13 26 Sep 05

I have a "Super Multi DVD Drive" (so it proudly says on the manual cover) i.e. an LG GSA-4163B CD/DVD Rewriter and I'm trying to do a firmware update from this site :

click here

The manual tells me that the drive came with ROM Version A102 and the LG site mentioned talks about version A102, A103, A104 and A105.

Do I HAVE to use Version A102 or is it safe to use Version A105?


  mattyc_92 20:15 26 Sep 05

Why are you undating the firmware?

As they say, "if it 'en't broke, don't fix it"

  mattyc_92 20:16 26 Sep 05

Updating, not undating.....

  s99Raj 20:23 26 Sep 05

You're right, it ain't broke and works just fine. I'm thinking of updating it for the same reason that we're always told to update our graphics drivers for example; I thought updating might "improve" it in some way.

Maybe I shouldn't bother???

  mattyc_92 20:25 26 Sep 05

No real need to.... I only intend to update drivers for my hardware if there is a problem, that is pointing me to a driver error.... Any other time, I think "the hell with it.... It's working..."

  De Marcus™ 20:26 26 Sep 05

Most firmware updates simply allow for the drive accepting more brands of disks, sometimes (rarely) they give you added speed and burn functionality, read the literature very carefully.

  s99Raj 20:30 26 Sep 05

You're probably right - the site mentions these improvements :

Improvement of recording quality for DVD+R and DVD-RW
Addition of new DVD codes
DVD-R: Optodisc(OPTODISCR016), Prodisc(ProdiscF02), Ritek(RITEKM16)DVD+R: UME Disc(AML 002 0), DAXON(DAXON AZ3 0)

To me the recording quality is just fine and I probably don't need any new DVD codes, or not just yet anyway. Most important of all I don't fancy risking buggering up a perfectly good DVD Writer.

  stalion 20:30 26 Sep 05

updating firmware is not a good idea unless you are having problems an incorrect update can ruin your drive

  s99Raj 20:32 26 Sep 05

OK - thanks guys.

Think I'll just leave it as it is.

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