which version direct x

  chippy+ 19:37 21 Jan 12

hi ihave 7 pcs all on a home network all of them are working ok . i changed some power packs and upgraded graphics cards 6 of these pcs are used but one is not connected i decided to fit a graphics card all went well graphics card is ati 9550 256 when checking the pc afterwords i noticed that for some reason i have directx10 the pc is working fine but all my cther pcs have dx9 which i believe is more suitable for xp should i try to uninstall dx10 which i believe is not an easy task or should i leave well alone thanks chippy

  KRONOS the First 20:02 21 Jan 12

If you run DXDIAG.exe select the display tab and under drivers it will list 'DDI Version' which will tell you what it supports. For example a DX-9 card would typically have a DDI Version of '9Ex' . You can run DXDIAG.EXE from the command prompt console or in the the system32 directory.


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