which tmp files can be safely deleted?

  march 08:52 10 Apr 03

running windows 98 se,and looking through files and folders there are 6 ~.tmp files that I dont know if its safe to delete they are
~df7d.tmp 550kb
lec3021.tmp 333kb
glf7143.tmp 9kb
ptf3393.tmp 4kb file folder with 88files 19folders
wwwd212.tmp 1kb
can anyone explain what they are and
how can I tell what is safe to delete without messing anything up? is there any thing I can run to delete them like scandisk? thanks 4 any help march

  DieSse 08:57 10 Apr 03

Yes, it's perfectly safe to delete them - as long as there's no applications open.

tmp files are created by applications for use whilst they're running, and should be cleared up when the application closes. For a variety of reasons that does not always happen.

Scandisk will not delete them - Disk Cleanup will delete some of them, depending on where they are - a Utility such as System Mechanic click here will hunt them out and delete all redundant files like these and others.

  march 09:09 10 Apr 03

thanks for quick response I thought there was something to delete them now you've told me its disc cleanup I remember will get on & get rid now cheers DieSse

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