Which temperature readings to trust?

  1-2many 19:54 25 Mar 07

I have just purchesed an e6600, and im having some heat problems,

in the Bios, after 10 mins the temp seems to idle at about 62 degrees

but while in windows, two temperature monitoring programs i am using show completely different results

Speedfan - has core 0 and 1, idle at 40-42 degrees

Coretemp - has cores 0 and 1, idle at about the same (42 degrees), with tjunction at 85 degrees

Usually id trust the bios readings, but the difference is so great im a little confused
The Heat sink is definatly on properly, and the thermal paste applied properly, im using the stock fan
starting to think ive got a dodgy cpu

  citadel 20:41 25 Mar 07

I would get an arctic cooling freezer pro. cheap and the best.

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