Which tablet for work/play?

  ARB 10:36 04 Mar 11

No I don't mean paracetamol and Viagra! I need a new tablet device as my Archos 9 has just had a nasty accident.

My requirements are, WiFi flash and useable. 100 GB + hard drive capacity. Min 5 hours use. USB.

I have used the Archos 9 for a year. It uses Win7. The useability was poor and slow. Even glitchy at times.

I also use an HTC HD2 which is good. But need something to go with that for longer train trips etc.

I envy users of the iPad whose laptops just seem to work without issues? Would the iPad 2 suit me?

Any ideas guys?

  rawprawn 11:35 04 Mar 11

My son in law works away from home a great deal of his time. He has abandoned his laptop in favour of an i Pad, which seems to do all he wants an is easier to carry about.
I intend to buy an iPad 2 when they become available, I think the date is 23rd March.
Sorry I can't give you a first hand experience.

  rawprawn 11:37 04 Mar 11

I don't think they come with 100 gb, but a neat exterior drive may be one answer.

  rawprawn 11:43 04 Mar 11

click here for a look

  rawprawn 15:22 04 Mar 11

"but a neat exterior drive may be one answer"

Actually, I don't think you can connect an exterior drive, unless you use a jailbreaker which I would not be inclined to do.

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