Which Tablet for me?

  melvyn 20 Sep 12

Hi, I go abroad a lot - mainly USA/Spain and have a netbook which I take with me. The main uses of the netbook are for Sat Nav, e-mail and web surfing. I've never looked at tablets, but they seem more compact and easy to use, and I would value some help as to which ones may be good for me. On my netbook I rum Microsoft Streets and Trips (USA) and Autoroute (Europe) Thanks for any help. Mel

  Woolwell 20 Sep 12

A tablet will not run those programs unless they have an equivalent app. For sat-nav you will probably need a 3G version and then you have to be very careful about the roaming charges.

  melvyn 20 Sep 12

Thanks for that - perhaps I should have been clearer in my question. I realise that I will not be running these hugh Microsoft products but will be using Apps. I really want to know whether there are any tablets that have suitable apps to use as a sat-nav system in the car, and obviously be able to e-mail/web surf as well. Using my current software means that I do not incur any roaming charges, which is something I would not want to do with a tablet either, the SatNav dongle lead is something I expect i would need with a tablet as well. Mel

  Woolwell 20 Sep 12

The snag with many of the map apps is that they do not store the maps on the tablet but download thus requiring 3G. The iPad requires 3G for GPS. Many tablets have GPS built in and therefore do not require a satnav dongle.

Have a search for some of the satnav apps eg TomTom and see their requirements.

  melvyn 21 Sep 12

Thanks for the advice - I think I'll stick with the netbook.


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