which slots are dual channel?

  simonsup 12:00 04 Jul 09

hi, my mobo is an acer with 4 memory slots, two blue and two yellow,
each one has got i gig of ddr2 pc26400 800,
i want to upgrade to 4gig of ddr2 pc28500 1066 2x 2gig sticks in dual channel mode but which slots are dual channel?


  wjrt 12:47 04 Jul 09
  Pine Man 13:04 04 Jul 09

I suspect that acer is the make of your computer rather than the mobo.

In most cases if you are going to have two slots filled out of the four available they should be in the matching colours to enable dual channel.

It won't matter if you put them in the wrong slots because when you switch on your computer the boot up screen will show whether or not dual channel is enabled.

  DieSse 15:37 04 Jul 09

Will your motherboard utilise the faster speed RAM?

Do you have a 64-bit system with a 64 bit OS? - if not your OS will only see somewhere around 3.5 GB RAM, due to address space limitations.

Your motherboard manual should help in both cases, and in which slots to use to enable dual-channel working.

  simonsup 16:09 04 Jul 09


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