which shopping cart software?

  rbolwell2 21:30 01 Mar 06

I would like take my business online and start and ecommerce web site. I know the basics about websites and have browesed and stripped down some ecommerce website to see the basic mechanics. I sort of understand how they work now, but dont know what shopping cart software to use.

can anyone advise me as to which shopping cart software to use and are there any UK companys that will come to me and give a demonstration on site?

  larry48 12:46 02 Mar 06

I use Actinic shopping cart software,but you might need something like Securehosting software as well if you want to take Credit/Debit card payments.Don't think they do in-house demos though,but I think you can download a trial of Actinic.

  Totally-braindead 12:50 02 Mar 06

I haven't a clue, you might get more replies in the Webdesign Forum.

  rbolwell2 14:40 02 Mar 06

I do appologise for posting this in the wrong forum.

thanks for your help any way

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