Which Router, Please Help

  Shikaree 22:51 21 Apr 10

Hi Folks,

I have Virgin Broadband with a Cabled Router which comes upstairs to my Computer Room. We have the Grandkids over most weekends and they all want to be on the iMac, my Pc or play games on the XBox360. Only one can be on at a time. I have disconnect one and plug in the other and go downstairs and unplug and replug the Power to the Cabled Router, then switch whichever on.

My daughter gave me her BT Router but it does not work for more than one machine.

Can anyone please tell me which Router to purchase that will work with my iMac, my PC and my grandson's XBox360 all at the same time so the rascals can be kept busy all at the same time.

Virgin's Router is over £40.



  lister_infiji 00:14 22 Apr 10

Okay I'm two minutes away from bed so I might be getting it wrong.. However, the way I'm reading what you have said, it sounds like you have a single cable running upstairs, and plug that cable into the required device (PC, iMac or XBOX360) as needed?

If that is indeed the case I would suggest purchasing a basic switch, plugging this in at the end of the cable running upstairs, and then plugging all three other devices into the switch (via new ethernet cables you will need to purchase).

I'm not entirely sure I have understood the setup you are explaining though.

  Technotiger 09:31 22 Apr 10

I would have thought that you should leave main-use pc connected to cable broadband, then set up remainder of items via a Wireless Home Network ...

click here

  Shikaree 15:02 22 Apr 10

Hi lister_infiji, Yes I have a single cable running from the Wired Router downstairs, into a socket in the Wall behind the TV ( I have Phone/TV/Broadband with Virgin) then the wires go through the wall outside my back garden, along the length of the wall outside, and up into my computer room upstaits. Thie was the easiest route they took. I pick this up from a Socket in the room via Ethernet lead.


Hi Technotiger, Thanks for the LINK. I have been on to Virgin as I have Virgin Broadband, Version Large, I have to pay £40 for their Router. I thought being a very old Customer - I started with Cable & Wireless then NTL now Virgin - I'd get the Router Free.

Do you think it's worth getting Virgin's Router. Please be let me know.


  fishmad pete 17:05 22 Apr 10

I am on virgin broadband and all they supplied was a modem (long time ago). My sister inlaw was supplied with a modem that then connected into a wireless router (virgin supplied).
Most routers come with more than one output whether they are wired or wireless. If your "router" has only one output then you have just a modem and attaching a switch to it will not work (or it didn't when I tried it).
What you will need is a router connected to the cable upstairs. This will log on to Virgin and obtain an IP address. You can then fit your computer/games console to the router. Either hard wired or if you want you can go wireless.
Most wireless router come with 4 wired outputs anyway.
To get the best speed get a router that has support for T1000 cables (gigabyte) this will give you the best speed for gaming.

  fishmad pete 17:11 22 Apr 10

In addition to my last
A good router will set you back £40 plus unless you look on ebay.
What router are virgin offering you?

  Shikaree 17:33 22 Apr 10

fishmad pete, If you Click on Technotiger's LINK you will see Virgin's Router It looks like some I've seen on the Internet

Or try

click here

  Technotiger 17:33 22 Apr 10

Virgins router at £40 is not a bad price (apart from the fact that they should really give you one for free). BT's Router cost £80 approx - though they do supply one Free to their customers.

  Shikaree 17:36 22 Apr 10

fishmad pete, If you Click on Technotiger's LINK you will see Virgin's Router It looks like some I've seen on the Internet

Or try

click here

  Shikaree 17:49 22 Apr 10

Technotiger, To get the Router FREE I have to Upgrade from L - (Large) (10GB which I surely never get) to XL (Extra Large)Broadband (20Gb)for extra £3 Monthly. The only problem, if I get a Non- Virgin Router and I have problems they will blame me for it and may Penalise me for it.

  Shikaree 17:50 22 Apr 10

fishmad pete, If you Click on Technotiger's LINK you will see Virgin's Router It looks like some I've seen on the Internet

Or try

click here

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