Which router?

  mattemate 11:45 19 Nov 05

I have a wireless broadband connection at my home. This connection is through a Proxim Tsunami MP11.a and operates on the 5GHz bandwidth. My question is what router can I use to spread internet connection through my home? Most routers that I've come accross are 802.11.b or 802.11.g and are recommended for routing cable or DSL connections. These routers operate on the 2.5GHz bandwidth. Does this matter or can I get a device to change the frequency. Any help at all would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 12:19 19 Nov 05

The 802.11b or 802.11g protocol is used for the wireless link between the router and the Wireless Network Adapterss in any connecting PCs or Laptops. This is independent of the wireless broadband service you are receiving over the 5GHz link.

The question is really "what type of interface does your broadband service have for connecting computers?" If it is a conventional RJ45 ethernet port, then a wireless router can plug directly into that, but there is also the matter of how you establish the connection. With "Cable" broadband, it is just a matter of connecting by ethernet cable and, provided the modem is online, the computer is online - there is no connection to establish using PPP as is the case with ADSL.

Does that make sense?

  mattemate 15:04 19 Nov 05

Thanks mgmcc. My computer does connect to the internet through a RJ45 ethernet port. The modem is always online so I think I will go ahead and get a 802.11g standard router and associated wireless network adapter cards and see how I get on. If it doesn't work I can always take it back. The confusion arose because of the fact that only ASDL or cable are mentioned as the type of internet services that are catered for by these products that I've loked at. You're reply has indeed made sense.

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