Which RAM is best for my mobo?

  TequilaSunrise 21 Feb 13

Long story short...there was a mishap which resulted in the pins on my processor being bent. PC wasnt anything fancy (store bought back in 2006 for a mere £300) it was working out more expensive to replace the processor/heatsink/fan than it was to get a few processor, fan, heatsink, RAM and motherboard (perhaps because I have an aversion to buying 2nd hand electrical items/components).

While I'm pretty adept at fixing problems that occur when the pc is switched on, i'm virtually useless at building them. Its literally like a foreign language.

I have everything I need to get my pc back up and running except RAM. Now the mobo I have is asrock n68-vs3 fx (dual channel DDR3 1600). It previously had 4gb (2x2). I would prefer a slight upgrade at least although i'm not looking to spend more than £40 as this was only really a patch up job until I can afford to buy a new one next year (just started working again after being made redundant).

I've had different advice from different people. With one telling me specifically to go for cosair (but he is a dedicated pc gamer where I only play sims 3 and WoW on the pc, everything else is xbox).

Would anyone be able to advise on a reliable good value for money RAM that would be compatible with my motherboard please?

  chub_tor 21 Feb 13

Personally I normally use Crucial, never had a bad stick from them and their prices are competitive. As you don't have a working system you can't run the system scanner for their recommendation. However if you Click Here you can use their Memory Advisor tool and you can input your motherboard for their recommendation.

  TequilaSunrise 21 Feb 13

thanks i'll take a look :)

  onthelimit1 22 Feb 13

What OS? If 32 bit, max is 3Gb.


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