Which PSU?

  Dipso 21:36 14 Apr 04

Can someone advise me please? I have a 750 Athlon and the PSU fan has become noisy. I am looking for a replacement PSU but am unsure which to go for.

The existing PSU has no stickers or serial numbers on it so that's no help.

The MOBO manual says I need a ATX power supply. I believe I need at least a 300W PSU. Also, the monitor is powered by the PSU currently.

I have found a Q-Tec 350W ATX Low noise PSU, will this be sufficient. It says it is suitable for ATX systems using a Pentium 4 or AMD CPU and one of the system requirements is an ATX mainboard. My mainboard is actually described as a Micro ATX mainboard, will this be OK?

  matt1234 21:37 14 Apr 04

id go for a pentuim 4 hyper-threding

  Dipso 21:49 14 Apr 04

Is that not a CPU?

  ade.h 21:59 14 Apr 04

I've always found Enermax PSUs to be very good and quiet. Not the cheapest though.

  ade.h 22:01 14 Apr 04

BTW; click here for a guide on choosing the right power output.

  Dipso 22:12 14 Apr 04

Thanks for the link. Got it up to about 240 watts but the calculator doesn't account for the monitor? It indicates the 350 model would be enough. It's just whether the Micro ATX thing is a problem.

I would consider an Enermax but it isn't my main PC so I don't want to go mad.

  ade.h 22:23 14 Apr 04

It assumes you won't be using monitor pass-through as most people don't. Micro-ATX should be no prob at all. The Q-Tec you mentioned will be just fine.


Remove the sticker off the fan, may need to open the PSU which can be dangerous so be careful, and then in the can put some WD40 or similar lubricant which is a good temporary solution for about 6 weeks or so!

  hugh-265156 02:11 15 Apr 04

DONT open the psu.

you could end up dead if you touch the insides.

buy a new one and replace existing.

cheap,and you will live to tell the tale :-)

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