Which program is killing/blocking Pop-ups?

  Tj_El 21:30 26 Oct 04


Here's a new twist:

I have disabled the IE pop-up stopper, the Yahoo and REALBAR pop-up stoppers. I have check in IE options under 'Privacy ' that the Pop-Up Blocker is disabled yet each time I attempt to launch My Radio" at LAUNCHCast, the "radio" pop-up is killed!

I have used BELARC to attempt to find which program is doing this bau can't anything obvious.

I have checked under Add/Remove programs.

I have looked into SpyWareBlaster, ZoneAlarm Pro, SpyBot, Ad-Aware - I can't find what is interrupting the "launch"...!

Any advise on what I am obviously overlooking?

  Tj_El 21:34 26 Oct 04

ps. I have tried holding down CTRL while clicking to 'launch' but the window still gets 'killed'.

  Wak 10:31 27 Oct 04

I think it could be a part of the URL to the web site that Spywareblaster is blocking.
Note each part of the web address and then check through Spywareblaster.
Alternatively de-activate Spywareblaster and try the site again.

  Wak 10:33 27 Oct 04

Sorry, just noticed that you've already tried it!!
Must read things more carefully!!!!!

  Tj_El 16:21 28 Oct 04

Well, I have un-installed SP2, Sun Java Runtime and rolled back WMP10 to WMP9.

The player window was still getting closed. I decided to switch to another location (country) of LaunchCast and try...you'd never believe it but now the player window comes up and REMAINS!!

That's the good news. :-))

The BAD news is that now I'm back to the error "... Sorry, could not load
all required files. Please try again later. Error Code: 27 - playerWindow.js" as reported in my previous thread click here :-((

I'll close this thread and hope there is a solution to the other thread soon...

Cheers for the input Wak.


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