which processor up-grade for motherboard

  thejeepster 00:12 14 Feb 06

aaarrrr, help

I'm wanting to up-grade my current AMD Athlon xp 2000+ to increase my cpu. My motherboard is a K7 Triton KT600 (gigabyte). What do you advise? Many thanks

  Belatucadrus 00:55 14 Feb 06

click here Have a look for it in the Gigabyte CPU support list and see what it can take.

  clayton 01:00 14 Feb 06

The Motherboard will take a AthlonXP 3200+ Barton core cpu, but you might be better off with extra ram or going for a new socket 939 mobo & processor.

  thejeepster 15:50 14 Feb 06

thanks but do i have to up-date my bios????

  thejeepster 18:49 14 Feb 06

also, i've over 1 gig of ram......surley i don't need anymore?????

many thanks

  thejeepster 18:58 14 Feb 06

oh, and one more thing, is my socket currently a 754 pin??? i've noticed there on or the other....939 or 754.

once again....many thanks

  Rayuk 19:08 14 Feb 06

I think you will find it is a Socket A board which I think is 423pins

  thejeepster 22:14 14 Feb 06

thanks everyone.

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