Which processor?

  algernonymous 22:45 04 Jul 04

A friend gave me a PC with no processor in, he thinks it was a Celeron 633mhz. I'd like to put one in but am not yet clever enough to know exactly what I can use. Its an Intel D815EFV/D815EPFV board. Any suggestions?

  ed-o 22:52 04 Jul 04

According to this click here

Your board should support these click here

  Totally-braindead 22:53 04 Jul 04

Here you are click here

  Totally-braindead 22:53 04 Jul 04

Beat me to it, slow typer.

  ed-o 22:58 04 Jul 04

I should of added that it looks as if it will take upto a 1100 pentium3 or a 1100 celeron, with out a bios upgrade. The socket 370 Celeron 633mhz would of fitted in alright.

  algernonymous 10:56 05 Jul 04

Thanks guys. As I don't know the bios version do you think it would be best to assume its 'P03' (presuming bios upgrades are backwards compatible?) and go up to P3 866 or Cel 850? I was going to buy on ebay and I've noticed there are a few variables- bus frequency, voltage, etc, are these settings applied automatically upon insertion?

  ed-o 19:22 05 Jul 04

Well this is a strange one. lol

Download click here .the manual

There seems to be no reference to front side bus or multiplier jumpers. They seem to be automatic in the bios. The only reference is to J9G2, located to the lower right of the battery. This has 3 settings normal, configure and recovery.

The actual detection of the cpu is found in the maintenance section of the bios. The settings are;

1) cpu microcode update revision, no options.

2) cpu stepping signature ( that will be the fsb) no options.

So it would seem you just put in the cpu and it should detect.

The only thing it may need, as far as I can see, Is the jumper J9G2 may have to be in the configure setting to access the maintenance menu.

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