which printer

  fatttttty 17:34 13 Feb 06

I am in need of a new printer as this is a field i know nothing about help is required ,i am running xp and my last printer was a hp deskjet 940 i dont do a lot of printing but a few photos and the odd web page .any help much appriciated

  Totally-braindead 17:40 13 Feb 06

Buy a PCA magazine and look there, the best buy at the moment is the Epson D88 followed by the Epson D66. They are £69 and £49 respectively.
What is your budget? Do you want a dedicated photo printer ie 6 colour, do you want to print on CDs, do you want to print from camera cards? If you don't print many photos then a cheap laser is the thing for black and white text.

  fatttttty 17:46 13 Feb 06

Budget is upto £80ish I do print the odd cd dont realy need to print from camera cards usually print from my documents

  spuds 17:54 13 Feb 06

It all comes down to what your requirements are, and how much you are prepared to spend. All printers have there good and bad points. Epson cheap to run. Lexmark cartridges can be expensive and hard to find on certain models. HP are fairly economical,as are Canon.

Price wise, it would appear that the cartridges are worth more than the printer, and some very good printer bargains are available.

I always suggest that a visit to PC World is one of the best ways to select a printer. They carry a good modern range, usually with discounts. A browse there can save a lot of time in the end. Always check to see if a usb cable is supplied, as this can add another £12.00 onto your bill, if you buy one from PC World. Cheaper to buy the cable elsewhere, if you haven't got a spare already.

Personally,I have a Lexmark X5150 all-in-one, an ancient HP 590 Officejet all-in-one, plus an Epson C86. All work very well, with good results. I also use a Samsung ML-4500 Laser, but that a total different printing concept.

  CHAIRLEG 21:52 13 Feb 06
  rmcqua 22:01 13 Feb 06

I have an Epson C86, which was superseded by the D88. Given your expected uses of the printer, I don't think you will do better, value for money, than the D88.

  Whatisram 00:30 15 Feb 06

Buy a canon, they are always resonably priced for a good spec, they are efficient, produce good quality photos and speedy text docs, and best of all they are economical to run, canon cartridges always seem to be cheaper than other makes, I can buy all 4 of mine from PC World for less than £30, cheaper if you shop around or buy online

  spuds 09:17 15 Feb 06

fatttttty have you decided on the printer that would be suitable. I see that you have indicated and ticked the topic resolved!.

  ericmax 10:09 15 Feb 06

I bought this printer a couple of months ago and I am more than happy with it.
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