Which one of these two i7 laptops should i buy?

  SamJTrevor 14 May 12

Hi, I plan to buy a i7 laptop but I am unsure what on to buy. These are the two models I have been looking up: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/lenovo-z570-15-6-laptop-gun-metal-12377688-pdt.html http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/samsung-np550p7c-17-3-laptop-silver-12716781-pdt.htmlher

I need a high performance laptop for Autocad Rendering and 3D modelling software.

Can anybody suggest the better laptop or recommend another.

My budget can not go over £1000.

Many thanks Sam

  john bunyan 14 May 12

Yet another to look at. I like Toshiba for ease of spares and J Lewis for a free 2 year warranty. Toshiba 1TB

  chub_tor 14 May 12

My choice would be the Samsung because of its 17" screen, but I agree with john bunyan regarding Toshiba support and John Lewis warranty. If I could get the Samsung from John Lewis though then that is where I would go.

  frybluff 14 May 12

I would agree with john bunyan about the Toshiba. It has the latest, and more powerful processor. Overall, the graphics should be at least as good, and probably better. The model only has 15.6" screen, which may be a slight issue, for your uses, but there is a 17" version, on the way. I'm not sure if it's available yet.

Appreciate it is at top of your budget, and 17" will probably exceed it, but they appear well worth the price, if budget is not an absolute, absolute. I recently bought a Dell XPS17, which would suit your needs, but, if this had been available then, may well have got Toshiba instead.

  SamJTrevor 14 May 12

I thought both the Samsung and the toshiba had the same Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM. Would they be as powerful As each other ? Not too convinced about the 3d screen on the toshiba, some thing I don't need which can just go wrong.

Also, havnt been able to find any reviews on the Samsung or find it in the Samsung website. Is this a bad thing?

  frybluff 15 May 12


My apologies, you are correct. Direct link on your post didn't work, and I misread model no. when did it long way round. Minor differences + and minus, but Samsung would actually appear better value, if you are not interested in Toshiba screen. Both are very new to market (hence I didn't spot my Samsung mistake), which explains shortage of reviews/ info. Toshiba, generally, have a lot of fans in terms of maintenance/spares, but Samsungs are usually pretty reliable also.

  chub_tor 15 May 12

I think this is the same spec from Samsung at Amazon with 23 reviews


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