which one is Ghost Virtual Partition ????

  toni b 19:05 07 Nov 03

Examine the information to find the partition number of the Ghost Virtual Partition and the partition number of the drive's primary partition. The primary partition is usually the partition to which you installed Windows.

GDISK (W) Fixed disk 1 has overlapping drives

Disk Partions cylinder heads sectors mbyts
1 3 3648 255 63 28615.8

Partion status type mbytes system usage
2 PRIMARY 28592.2 NTFS/HPFS 99%
3 A PRIMARY 15.7 FAT16 1%

Regards Toni

  toni b 19:23 07 Nov 03

GDISK (W) Fixed disk 1 has overlapping drives.....


So which one is the virtual partion ????? can you help

  toni b 19:26 07 Nov 03

If you copy and paste info above in the "post response" box then you can view it in the original way I intended to post it Sorry but when I post it looks differnet in the forum page

  flecc 19:43 07 Nov 03

I'm afraid it's nigh on impossible to reliably post information in a tabular form into the site.

I'm not familiar with Ghost 2003 so cannot help on that specific query, although it will obviously be either 1 or 3. If I was forced to guess, I'd opt for 3, but hopefully someone familiar with Gdisk will respond.

  flecc 19:54 07 Nov 03

I've just been reading up on Gdisk and it seems that 3 is probably the Ghost virtual partition because it's marked as A, so is probably the active partition.

Three options:-

1) Wait for someone to confirm.

2) Mail Symantec on this and wait for their answer.

3) Take the risk and plump for 3 to delete in step 7 of the instructions. Then in step 8, set 2 as the active partition to reboot into your XP.

I'd bravely opt for option 3 and be prepared to suffer a re-installation if wrong, but it's your choice of course.

  toni b 20:25 07 Nov 03

I took a gamble and it worked for the answer to my own question partion 3 was the virtual partition

  flecc 20:35 07 Nov 03

Thought that must be the one toni b, glad it worked OK.

Hopefully that will have got you back into XP to use the computer, but it seems like you've still got the problem of imaging the system to face if I've followed you correctly.

  toni b 20:37 07 Nov 03

I WILL one day learn how to clone or image CD using ghost Thanks for the help to all
Regards Toni

  flecc 20:43 07 Nov 03

You could always try Drive image 7 instead which does a similar job.

You can claim a full refund of your receipt amount on the Ghost 2003 direct from Symantec during the first 60 days after purchase if you're still in that period.

To claim, telephone the Maidenhead office, 01628 592 222, and state that you are not satisfied with your product, they will not ask why. Give them your particulars and they will send you a claim form in about 48 hours. It will be pre-entered with your details, all you need to do is give the credit card details to which the refund will be made.

Then you send it, together with a copy of your purchase receipt, to the Ireland main office indicated, and a credit will be made in your favour. There is some delay so it probably won't make your next credit card statement, but the one following.

It doesn't matter if you've damaged the Norton product in any way, or the box is missing etc, the refund is made in full including VAT without question or quibble.

For information only, the address of the office you telephone is:-

Symantec Ltd., St Cloud's Gate, St Cloud's Way, Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 8AW

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