Which one is better

If you use one port of a usb router meaning one computer downloading a torrent, does it mean the downloading speed and / or the downloading volume be less in comparing of using two / three / four ports?

  MAJ 17:47 09 Dec 07

You got all the right English words, mrjoeokay, but they're not necessarily in the correct order. Can you explain what you mean? Are you asking, if you have 4 computers attached to a router, will they download a large file faster than if only one computer was attached?

  Technotiger 18:03 09 Dec 07

Or, following on MAJ's response, do you mean three or four computers all attached to one router and all downloading different things at the same time, would the download speeds be affected?

I have 2MB broadband connection. I have a USB modem (connecting to one computer only) and a USB router (4 ethernet ports). Suppose I wish to download 4 bit torrent files of 1GB each, assuming everything else are the same:-

a) would the USB modem have the same speed as the USB router (using only one port, ie connecting to one computer) ?
b) if I use all 4 ports of the router, ie one computer downloading one bit torrent file, would it be faster than using the USB modem downloading 4 bit torrent files ?

Thanks a lot

  MCE2K5 21:03 09 Dec 07

I wish I could understand English.

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