Which One!!

  archiepie 22 Apr 11

I Need Help! Bowing to everybody elses knowledge of Laptops/Tabs, I would like some opinions on what I need to purchase. I need a lightweight laptop/tab to put in my hand luggage while I travel from my home in Italy to work in the UK.

1.Needs 3G or continous connectivity in Europe 2.Only used for research/writing/e-mail 3.Needs really to have at least about 10 inch screen for easy size keyboard as writing is what I do and will be tapping away for a couple of hours.

What I'm hoping for is a tip about 3 or 4 products which suit my needs, or am I looking at just getting a laptop and a couple of dongles, one for each country.

Any ideas?

  chub_tor 22 Apr 11

A lot will depend on price of course, but this one from Toshiba click here

is lightweight, has a 13 inch screen and a DVD recorder included which none of the 10" ones do as far as I know. My daughter has a similar model purchased in the USA and finds it ideal for travelling because of its light weight. There may be lower cost and lower spec machines in this model range.

A cursory glance at 3g broadband coverage in Europe seems that yes you will need at least two dongle to maintain coverage.

  rawprawn 22 Apr 11

If all you nee is email and a 3g connection, why not get an ipad 2 with a key board accessory and "Pages" app for your typing needs.

  rawprawn 22 Apr 11
  rawprawn 22 Apr 11
  woodchip 22 Apr 11

You need a Netbook that is something like mine, Mine is a Samsung nc10 about 8hours run time on battery You then need dongles that allow you to connect on the move. If you are near to Hotspots you can use the built in WiFi in the Netbook

  woodchip 22 Apr 11

nc10 link text


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