Which notebook to buy?

  beqa 01:28 25 Apr 07

Looking to buy a new notebook. Looking for fast speed, reliable battery life, ability to handle high external temperatures, dust and humidity.

Also should I stick with XP or go with Vista, whcih seems to be what is on offer with most deals right now?

  EARLR 11:24 25 Apr 07

Very good warranty. Available at Lidl.
good luck

  Kate B 11:47 25 Apr 07

Vista - why go with an OS that's at the end of its lifespan? Also, what's your budget?

  provider 2 11:53 25 Apr 07

XP at the end of its lifespan? That`s something of an exaggeration isn`t it? At least you can be sure it has been proven compatible with thousands of applications which is rather more than can be said for Vista.

  beqa 12:56 25 Apr 07

Budget? up to AUD2000

  Sebastian Ereira 13:05 25 Apr 07

look at click here

  FreeCell 13:17 25 Apr 07

Most good laptops will have a spec to operate in upto 90% humidity, and heat of 35C, but reliability will become an issue if used in these conditions for prolonged periods. Also dust can be a real problem for hard drives and fans.

If you are serious about this spec then you should look at ruggedized laptops, but they are more expensive. Example is the GoBook.

For examples of what's available in Australia click here

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