Which new socket A Mother Board

  Ballie 14:11 31 Jan 05

I want to update my motherboard and was hoping I could get some advice, I want a socket A board with AGP to run my Barton 3000+ (333mhz) cpu and my BFG Gforce 6600GT graphics card, my budget is up to £100 so I should be able to get any one I want, I have been looking at the ASUS A7N8X range but I have also read some nightmares with this board, I also looked at the MSI K7N2 Platinum. I know that are many makes to choose from Gigabite, etc.

Can anyone recommend one?

  Noelg23 14:16 31 Jan 05

well I use MSI for all my mobos when I am building PCs so I would really recommend them without a second thought...altho PC Chips and ASUS are good as well but for me always MSI...go to click here and read about the MSI K7N2 Platinum...

  Ballie 14:27 31 Jan 05

I have a MSI 6712 KT4V-L at the moment which has been a good board, however for reasons already disscused on this forum "pulling my hair out" I want to update, is the K7N2 Platinum much better? have you tried one.

  Totally-braindead 15:08 31 Jan 05

Have a look at click here theres 2 pages to look through, once you've decided on a short list try click here and see if the motherboards are listed, can't recommend a board personally, built a few MSI based PCs as well as a couple of AsRock ones and a couple of others as well, all the PCs are fine with no major problems reported, personally I've got a Gigabyte GA7VAXP and its excellent though no longer available. If I had to choose a Socket A motherboard now I'd go for something based on a NForce 2 chipset I think but the next time I upgrade I'll be going for a SATA board with PCI express, and won't be doing this for a while yet.

  Ballie 15:31 31 Jan 05

I think I will order a MSI K7N2 Delta just need to decide to go for Delta ILSR, Delta L or Delta 2 Platinum. I prusum the Platinum is the best one?

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