Which new graphics card?

  jay123 20:06 04 Jan 03
  jay123 20:06 04 Jan 03

I'm running An athlon 950, on a MSI 6330lite mobo, 348mb pc133 ram, 30gb hdd, 17inch monitor and Win98se

I'm looking at upgrading my graphics card from a gf2 mx 32mb.

I play games like unreal2003, and will be doing a lot of CAD work in the near future.
I have looked at toms and think a gf4 ti4200 64mb should do me. Could anyone sugest anyother cards which might be better, and any other upgrades which may be needed for my CAD work.

  Thin White Duke 20:07 04 Jan 03

I had a problem updating my graphics card, it looks like it wasn't compatable with my Motherboard, so i recommend checking that out first.

  powerless 20:08 04 Jan 03

The CAD side of things, i would say more memory is needed.

Grpahics card the GF4200 would be fine.

  tigger2406 20:17 04 Jan 03

Certainly the Ti4200 models (64 and 128Mb) seem much better value to me than the 4600s. I have a Ti4200 128Mb and it's great, but you may be better with the 64Mb otherwise it will probably be held back by the rest of the system I reckon.

  Joe McG 20:18 04 Jan 03

jay123, agree with Powerless, you could be doing with some more memory for CAD work, and with that in mind have you looked here. click here

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