Which monitor to buy?

  mad-friend 23:58 06 Jan 06

Please can someone advise me. I need to buy a new monitor. I'm looking for a flatscreen (TFT, I think, I know nothing of monitors as you can gather from my poorly worded question). I've about £150 budget and need something reliable, good quailty. I only need it for writing and photography, but mainly for writing. Your advise would be much appreciated, thankyou.

  DieSse 00:17 07 Jan 06

To be honest, at budget prices, they're all pretty much of a muchness. Get a known brand name - LG, Philips, Samsung, Benq, Acer, etc.

They all have a 3 year, mostly on-site, warranty these days. You should get a 17" one at that price point. All the specs will be much of a muchness.

Several here - all OK, and at your price. click here

If you can spring a little extra for a 19" one you'll be very pleased you did so.

  PC Bilbo 11:31 07 Jan 06

You should find a reasonable 17" within your budget

Video7, Acer, Benq & others as Diesse says - some will be multimedia at this price but I should avoid really cheap ones like Digimate who's stands always seem very wobbly.Also have a look at GNR who build for the a lot of the better known brands who badge them.I bought a 17" GNR recently with DVi and paid £155.Most (but make sure) come witha 3 yr swap out warranty.

Try here click here

  hzhzhz 11:47 07 Jan 06

A few months back my mate bought the Acer AL1714MS TFT LCD monitor for £149. He uses it with high end gaming pc. He loves it. It came from Argos.

  spuds 12:37 07 Jan 06

If you are able to visit a PC World store, then you may find that they have a good selection on demo.Have a look how each monitor appears and performs, then that could be a good starting point as to price and quality. I would suspect, that it will not be very long before some 19" are being offered at near the £100.00 mark.

  mad-friend 19:00 07 Jan 06

I'd just like to say thankyou to DieSse, PC Bilbo, hzhzhz and spuds for their advice. I feel much more confident armed with your information and should have no problem now replacing my old monitor.
Thanks everyone.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:52 07 Jan 06

If not too late, 19inch tfts are coming in at around the £160 mark:

click here

  007al 22:16 07 Jan 06

Have a look click here

  spacerunneruk 14:21 08 Jan 06

I have just bought an LG monitor/television, 17" Flatron. It fulfills both services brilliantly, especially as I have hooked up a freeview box as well.
Oh yes, the model is M1710A and is priced at £199 special offer at PCworld.

  Pineman100 18:55 09 Jan 06

I recently bought a new computer which came with a Samsung 19" flatscreen monitor. My old machine had a 17" CRT monitor. Frankly, I am very disappointed with the flatscreen - I do a lot of photo editing and it's colour accuracy is nothing like as good as the CRT was. I'm even thinking of swapping back to my old monitor!
I know that flatscreens are sexy and cutting edge, but be sure to check out your chosen one very carefully before you buy it.

  DieSse 19:18 09 Jan 06

*it's colour accuracy is nothing like as good as the CRT was.

I suspect you mean it's different. The only thing that colour accuracy can be truly compared with is the original object (and even different lighting can affect that). Not with a photograph - digital or conventional - not with a printout- not even with a memory (memory is especially colour fickle.

So how sure are you that it's not just *not what you're used to*?

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