which mobo-msi,asus or summat else?

  holly polly 16:23 18 Dec 03

hi anybody who as read my recent threads will know the pantomine i have been having trying to install xp pro on my elderly comp ,resigned to the fact that the mobo is outdated ,usb 1 ,ata66 etc deliberating wether or not to change the mobo ,i have a maxtor diamondmax hdd ,a msi rw and a dvd reader ,the ram is 512 of sd and the processor is a athlon 700 ,therefore i require a fairly decent mobo that will enable me to run my old athlon 700 ,and sd ram ,but will have the provision to alter to a higher spec processor around a xp 2600 ,still allow me to use the sd ram ,but will allow me to change to ddr ,also with the new mobo will i have to use the newer 80 wire ide ribbon cables to allow all the add ons to run at full speed -your advice is greatfully appreciated -hol pol....

  Gongoozler 16:33 18 Dec 03

Hi holly polly. I recently updated a computer using the ASUS A7V8X-X. It was an absolute doddle to install, and the performance is superb at the price (under £50). It has the added bonus that if the BIOS ever gets corrupted, it will boot from a floppy. It is a large board though (full size ATX), and the AGP will only take 2.5V graphics cards (4x or newer)
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  Gongoozler 16:36 18 Dec 03

Sorry, I just noticed the SDRAM, the ASUS board above only takes DDR. I have also recently done 2 rebuilds using the Syntax SV266A. This takes SDRAM or DDR, and costs less than £25. click here

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