Which memory is faster?

  RobbyC 17:21 17 Jan 04

I have been told that a lower CAS latency is faster so why does faster memory have a higher CAS latency?
I want to buy some more RAM for my PC will PC2700 with a CAS latency of 2.5 be faster or will PC2100 with CAS latency of 2?
Also i was under the impression that my atholon 2600+ should be running at 2.18 ghz but is actually running at 1.92 ghz is this related to my memory speed? and if so how?

  DieSse 17:34 17 Jan 04

Faster RAM does not always have a slower CAS spec.

PC2700 RAM will be faster than PC2100 RAM - the faster CAS rates are a small bonus in speed on top of the fairly large improvement of the faster clock rate.

With some motherboards, running the RAM synchronously with the processor (ie at the same speed) will give faster overall results than using faster RAM that is not synchronous with the processor.

  ardvarc 18:58 17 Jan 04

Regarding your XP2600. If it has a L2 Cache of 512Kb it is a Barton core and clock speed is correct. The other 2 types have a L2 Cache of 256Kb.

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