Which Memory????

  Boffin Boy 19:11 02 Sep 05

I am looking to upgrade the amount of memory in my system and cannot seem to identify the type that I need to use...

Quite simply what I do know is that I have an ABIT NF7, I have looked through the online memory 'identifiers' and find that they seem to all be advertising their own products only (which are a tad too expensive for me, I am more of the ebay type...)

Any help would be much appreciated...
Thanks in advance...

  Joe R 19:24 02 Sep 05

Boffin Boy,

Why risk getting faulty memory through Ebay, when ddr is so cheap at the moment.

These modules will run fine on your mobo. click here

  Boffin Boy 19:32 02 Sep 05

Thanks, on reflection it might be a good idea to consider this instead...

  Boffin Boy 19:39 02 Sep 05

Hang on though... what if I wish to use eBuyer, how do I find out my spec (ebuyer = free shipping £££!!!)

  Boffin Boy 19:52 02 Sep 05

Is this compatable?

click here

  Boffin Boy 19:57 02 Sep 05

...read the reviews!!!

  Boffin Boy 20:47 02 Sep 05
  dan11 21:35 02 Sep 05

The NF7 should be able to run it. According to the manual it can take 200Mhz. 266Mhz and 333Mhz DDr ram. click here

I would run everest home click here to get the information of your current ram, so you can match it up.

  Boffin Boy 21:39 02 Sep 05

OK, I will go for the above click here then...

  Boffin Boy 21:41 02 Sep 05

sorry, missed your response before replying, will try everest...

Thank you.

  dan11 21:53 02 Sep 05

In everest have a look at the computer > overclock page. click here

Under spd memory modules. This should give you all the information about your current memory.

Post the details here if you want to be 100% sure.

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