Which Linux best for a netbook?

  Digital 21 Sep 12

I have an "empty" HP Mini 210 netbook, ie. no OS in it. I'd like to put a version of Linux in it but need advice as to the simplest/easiest distro to use & is it possible to load one from a USB key?

  bluesbrother 22 Sep 12

Universal USB Installer will install linux on to a usb for you

As to the best one to choose for a netbook, I don't know.

My personal fav flavour (at the moment) is mint

I would suggest running a few from the usb drive before deciding which one to install on the netbook.

There's plenty to choose from.

  bluesbrother 22 Sep 12

There was meant to be a link to Universal USB Installer and Linux mint in there but it seems the spam gaurd is at full strength tonight.

  bluesbrother 22 Sep 12

Pity they don't protect from bad spelling

  LastChip 22 Sep 12

I would probably go for Puppy Linux on that machine, as although the latest distros would run, they may be a little sluggish by comparison.

It depends whether you're happy to give up a little speed for a leading edge Debian based distro like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, or whether you'd prefer the speed.

Certainly if you want a distro similar in appearance to Windows, go for Mint (Mate version). It really is a superb distro now.

If you'd prefer to try something completely different, go for Ubuntu. But be prepared for a learning curve on a par with Windows 8, as it's really designed for touch screens and in my opinion, is far from intuitive.

  Digital 22 Sep 12

Thanks both of you. I'll try both Mint & Puppy via the USB drive as suggested before installing.

  Digital 22 Sep 12

Thanks both of you. I'll try both Mint & Puppy via the USB drive as suggested before installing.


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