Which laptop should I buy?

  iamlegend 10 Jun 08


I run a web design company, mainly project managing nowadays but I am often required to design as well. Im looking to mobilse myself and require a nice, powerful laptop to accompany me on my trips.

So im looking for a system that will let me run the Abode suite, office 2007, ftp clients, browse the web remotely manage our servers and so on. I need this to happen without complications and be able to run these applications at the same time without any real slow down or issues. Hard disk space isnt a massive issue but due to the amount of graphic design I may be required to do I'll need decent processor and graphics card support. Battery life is a concern but not a big one, I can always get spares.

I was originally looking at the Alienware laptops becuase of their power, but although price isnt a real issue it would be nice if I could find something that would do the job without that sort of price tag. I do still want something that is going stay as up to date for as long as possible.

So any advice / pointers would be greatly appreciated.


  Forum Editor 10 Jun 08

any of them would suit your needs.

click here

I do all that you've described, and more besides, and I manage pretty well with a reasonably-specified machine. At the moment I'm using an IBM ThinkPad or a Toshiba widescreen machine when I travel, and both of them cope perfectly well.

I am disabled and I hate the keyboard on the Advent which the has now got to be retired. I canncot afford a new desktop or justify the expense to my family I do want tyhe Sanyo all in One seen and stroked at PC world.
I like speed and I like to use CorelDraw software if I can find an inexpensive copy lst and died on my last desktop. I'm also just about to launch myself into the world of Internet Marketing so I want a reliable machine - I liked the size of notebooks but is it going to be reliable, Sadly we use BT Broadband wireless for the unreliable connection and thge family were cross when I said I'd go my own way. naturally they disapprove of my Internrt shenanigans. I'd like some unbiased advice. I need easy cost repairs and tech support as well so I had leaned towards Dell ad P

  Forum Editor 05 Sep 10

I suggest that you post your own thread in our Consumerwatch forum - you'll get plenty of helpful advice there, and iamlegend won't receive an automated email each time someone responds to you.


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