Which ISP provider should my friend use

  noelski 11:50 05 Apr 04

Hi People,

I've got a friend that is very very new to computers and wants to get internet access (he does not have broadband in his area at the moment)

Which companies can people recommend or are there any good sites that compare internet providers.

Thank you for your time

  johnnyrocker 11:56 05 Apr 04

click here should sort you.


  Patr100 12:15 05 Apr 04

If you want dial up then I would recommend OnteTel. click here

Go with AOL....for a newbie it keeps it all very simple, and the helpline is free for when things go wrong!!

  Djohn 12:39 05 Apr 04

I agree with Galliano. AOL is an excellent choice for anyone on dial-up as it is one of very few, if not the only ISP that will allow you to stay connected 24/7 [No 2 hour cut-off]

Version 9 is now officially released and is excellent, with the ability to use internet explorer as your e-mail client. j.

  keith-236785 13:19 05 Apr 04

click here

this is free, all you pay is the phone bill for the time online, it does cut off after 2 hours but most people can live with that. Your free web space address will be "www. joe.freeuk.com", replace joe with your friends name and you will see it is quite a simple webspace address (think about it during sign up because your user name becomes your web address).

AOL is excellant but at £15.99 a month, is a little pricey in my eyes, If your friend uses the trial cd that pops through your door every so often then they may be spoilt. It really is
good and easy to use but expensive.

there are lots of free dial up ISP's out there, choose carefully, have a look at some free ones, then look at some monthly cost ones.

PLEASE at all costs avoid FREESERVE (I hate Freeserve [*my personal opinion]*) it is a swine to get rid of if you find you dont like it and want to change.

The thing to factor in is amount of use, AOL may be 15.99 but that is unlimited use, a lot of 'free' isp's use 0845 numbers that are a couple pence a minute or more during the day. So only 2 hours a day online and AOL becomes very reasonable.

  Proxy Worm 13:53 05 Apr 04

I would recommend Virgin Net 24/7, only £13.49 a month unlimited access. click here

  Patr100 14:05 05 Apr 04

If they are palnning to use the net often then unmetred is cheaper. Compare Isps at click here

For ocassioanl use, another local rate dial up without any registration needed is turbosheep. You only pay for the phone line use at local rates. click here

  Patr100 14:07 05 Apr 04

palnning= planning

ocassioanl = occasional

But I'm sure you knew what I meant.

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