which hard drive connection?

  vinnyobee 08:17 25 Jul 04

Greetings,please could someone tell me what sort of hard drive connection i have, so that I can replace my old hard drive.On my device manager it says "adaptec 2000s ultra 160 scsi raid controller". Thank you in advance.

  johnsims 08:28 25 Jul 04

Your motherboard will have two IDE connectors as the basic for HDD connection. It seems you also have either an adaptec SCSI card in a pci slot to which you can connect two SCSI disks in a raid configutation OR your mobo had two further connectors with an inbuilt adaptec chip to take a couple of scsi or Serial ATA disks. Without opening up the case it is difficult to tell. However, if you buy a standard parallel ATA IDE hard drive you will be able to fit that into one of the IDE connectors.

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