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which graphics card is better?

  zincy 19:50 29 Dec 05

Hello there

Having read through many threads about graphics card i have come to the conclusion that i will get either click here or this one click here.

I was wondering which one shall i get? I need a AGP graphics card and my current system is amd xp 3200+ with 1 gig of ram. I am looking to play games like battefield 2 and world of warcraft at medium to high with 1280x1024 resolution. My budget is around £120-130

Many thanks

  Skyver 19:54 29 Dec 05

The 6800 is more powerful especially at higher res, bargain at that price.

  Klappers 22:05 29 Dec 05

I'd also go with the 6800, but make sure your power supply is up to it.

  GaT7 00:12 30 Dec 05

Article & benchmarks click here. G

  zincy 01:06 30 Dec 05

I also noticed one (6600 GT) has HDTV ready.. what does this mean? will it make much difference as i have a HDTV but was wondering what does it do exactly? Is it worth it?

thanks for the responses

  GaT7 16:20 30 Dec 05

From the XFX product manual (click here) it says, "HDTV-output brings content from your desktop to your high-definition TV." - which I think means it isn't a bog standard TV-out (like most older graphics cards have), but one that is enhanced so it can be connected to your HD TV.

I couldn't find anything on the nVidia website that explains what it entails, but this is what ATI have to say about it (from click here):

"Q22: What does ATI mean when they say that the Radeon® is "HDTV ready"? What can a user do with the Radeon® HDTV decode capability?
A22: Radeon® is capable of decoding all of the HDTV formats with reduced CPU utilization and of directly driving both analog and digital high definition displays. Radeon® achieves its decode capability through motion compensation and iDCT and without the need for any external hardware. When Radeon® is used with the appropriate DTV tuner and DTV demodulator software, the user will be able to view HDTV on their monitor or TV."

From nVidia though, see "How do I setup my NVIDIA based card to work with my HDTV?" - click here.

"Is it worth it?" - I don't think there's a price difference between cards that are HDTV ready & those that are not (or is there?). G

  GaT7 16:29 30 Dec 05

* "HDTV-out: The component out port allows you to send video signals to a HDTV display. Note, GeForce 6 based cards with DVI can also support HDTV via DVI connector or with optional HDMI adapter" - from click here & sroll down

* Custom Horizontal Timings for HDTV or Consumer Electronics displays - Do NVIDIA based graphics cards support 1366x768,1380x768, or 1366x1024 resolution PLASMA/LCD (HDTV) displays? - click here

* Consumer Electronic Display Ready - click here

* Can I span an HDTV with a non-HDTV display? - click here

Hope this helps. G

  User-312386 16:32 30 Dec 05

6800 has 12 pixel pipelines

I beleive the 6600 has 8 pixel pipelines

I could be wrong

  zincy 19:22 30 Dec 05

Madboy you are correct and i read in the reveiws the 6800 can open up to 16 pixel pipelines.

Thanks for the info Crossbow7, from what I understand it may seem better with a HDTV output.. therefore i may have to look for another card with 6800 and HDTV output

Thanks for the guidance

  GaT7 21:10 30 Dec 05

Are you sure you're going to use it? You'll need the adaptors/cabling, & may not be desireable or practical if they are too far apart. G

  zincy 17:12 31 Dec 05

thats what i'm debating as whether do i really need it, the monitors are close enough.. but i dont want to get one without and then realise I would liek one with HDTV.. anyways i think i know which one to get now
Mnay thanks

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