Which Graphics card??

  sputnick 15:39 23 Oct 05

I would like to upgrade my present AGP card which is Nvidia GeForce 2.
I`m a bit confused with all the jargon but have been looking at the Nvidia cards but still havn`t decided.
I don`t do a lot of gaming except for MS Flight sim and Combat Sim. and my monitor is a 17" LCD.
Mt budget would be about £80 but I see a few cards for half that price.
Is there any benefit in the Nvidia`s 3 extra graphics capabilities.
I have AMD Athlon XP2800 and 750mhz ram.

  aca 15:44 23 Oct 05


look at this thread click here
some of the links will lead you to good cards at your sort of budget

  sputnick 13:54 24 Oct 05

Thanks for the thread, I`m still confused.
What is the difference between LE and GT.

  splork 14:07 24 Oct 05

LE is a real budget job, GT is virtually the same as a standard card only with a higher clock speed for the GPU and memory. If you can stretch to £100 you can afford a Geforce 6600 which is a pretty decent bit of kit for that money.

  BigRik 14:24 24 Oct 05

A few months back I put in a Geforce 6600gt oc (overclocked) card in my PC. It was around £130 then, but you will probably find it cheaper now. That will be a vast leap from your Geforce2.

  sputnick 15:54 24 Oct 05

Thanks all

  sputnick 10:32 27 Oct 05

I`ve just installed Geforce 6600GT and it is great. Installed with no problems, just got to find out what all the functions do.
Thanks for you input.£112 from Dabs.com

  sputnick 19:08 03 Nov 05

It did work fine.
I normally turn off my PC when I`m not using it, but I had to go out urgently and I left it running in standby for about 4 hours.I then found that the windows screen was garbled with multiple ghost icons. I tried various things such as changing the display properties but no luck.
On certain settings the display flashed on and off.
I turned off and left it for a few hours to see if it would cool down but still the same.
I`ve got the latest driver.
I`ve put my old card back and all is well.
I have arranged for Dabs to replace but I wondered if anyone else has had this problem.
Also I find it most anoying that DAbs don`t have a telephone service.I`ts impossible to contact them when youre PC is dying.

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