which graphic cards match with my APU?

  konnanmich 17:34 24 May 15

Hey guys,

I have an AMD A10 7850K processor and now i want to buy a graphic card in order to play games without crashing. The problem is that i don't know which graphic cards match with this processor.

Can anyone help me find which graphic cards are compatible?

  Ian in Northampton 18:39 24 May 15

The important thing isn't so much compatibility with your APU: it's what sockets your motherboard has. Chances are, it has a PCI Express x16 socket, which means that pretty much any graphics card will work/be compatible. But then, you need to make sure that your APU is fast enough to feed data to the graphics card as quickly as the graphics card can take it - or, alternatively, that the graphics card doesn't become the bottleneck in the system because it's not fast enough to deal with the output of your APU. The other thing to bear in mind is whether your power supply is good enough for a mid/high end graphics card.

  konnanmich 20:27 24 May 15

thanks for your reply, but i have heard that the APUs can be matched with some specific graphic cards series. i want to know with which series can the AMD A10 7850K be matched.

  Ian in Northampton 20:40 24 May 15

BY 'APU', do you mean 'CPU'? In any event: I have never heard of 'matching' a CPU with a graphics card. The basic principles of ensuring a good 'match' are as I described: a graphics card that is not going to be powerful enough for what your CPU can deliver it, or one that is more powerful than your CPU can deliver data to (and therefore costs more than you need to pay). I couldn't tell you which would be a good equivalent for your CPU's capability. If you have specific games in mind that you want to play, I suggest you look to find what is the recommended graphics card for those games.

  rdave13 20:51 24 May 15

Ian in Northampton, I believe AMD call their next generation GPUs as APUs as they carry on-chip GPUs. Like Intel's 'i' chips.

  Ian in Northampton 08:58 25 May 15

rdave13: oh, right. Thanks.

  konnanmich 09:26 25 May 15

ok. thank you all for your help.

  mart7 10:51 25 May 15

Would need to know what psu do you have and what's your budget

  konnanmich 12:41 25 May 15

"Would need to know what psu do you have and what's your budget"

My PSU is CS 550M (corsair) and my budget is 100-150€ max.

  Ian in Northampton 12:50 25 May 15

I'm a big fan of the NVIDIA GTX750TI, which should come within your budget and only needs a minimum 300w PSU, so you'd have plenty of headroom. It's also a small form factor, so should easily fit in your case.

  konnanmich 14:16 25 May 15

i think that my APU can only be matched with a graphic card with AMD chipset and this graphic card must support "dual graphics" because AMD A10 7850K has already an R7 series graphic card.

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