Which is on go-slow? my connection, or this site?

  Diemmess 12:02 12 Feb 04

Since late yesterday I have to wait far longer than normal to open the various links on this otherwise excellent forum.

Other "favourite sites" seem normal.

Any answers?

  M@rk 12:33 12 Feb 04

Only one. This Site.

  Gr@h@m 13:43 12 Feb 04

Because of the slow-down the last two days, I'm at the moment logged on via AOL, IE, and Opera. By switching between them, Opera is by far the fastest.

  Diemmess 14:08 12 Feb 04

I live in the sticks. A local "band of brothers" has stimulated the 200 plus names that BT requires before kitting us out for BB.

They have ruled 9/6/04 as enlightenment day, but I will listen to the spirits of my Scottish ancestry and try to stay with this "normal service" - that is unless it regularly drops to its current sluggishness.

On sign on It seems to be much the same, between 40K and 44K, though I did see it drop to 31K once this a.m.

  Quiller. 15:05 12 Feb 04

I have finally done the deed and kicked btopenworld(56k)in to touch this morning. I know this site is always busy and you expect a little time to open a page. But things were just getting worse.

I have signed up with tiscali, yes the sticky glue one,it was the only other isp disk I had handy. Well PCAdvisor is always slipping one in the mag. lol

Must admit that connection is good, constant 45.2kbs and even this site is opening a lot faster. We are supposed to get satellite B.B. soon, dishes every were? till then will plug on with this. :-)

  Cesar 11:36 13 Feb 04

Yes! this site is getting slower.

  leo49 11:45 13 Feb 04

I really don't understand all this - the threads are just snapping open which to my simple mind tells me there's nothing wrong with the site.

  anchor 12:38 13 Feb 04

Like leo49, (hello leo!), no problems here. I am on Pipex broadband.

  PurplePenny 13:07 13 Feb 04

Haven't noticed any slowdown - I'm using Opera, no BB.

  IZZY 13:12 13 Feb 04

I'm afriad I'm experiencing the same sluggishness and I began to think it was me since I rebuilt my comp. Checked all Bb connections - no problems. As Leo49 says, threads snap open (used to) but not this last two/three days. So I'm no alone!



  Southernboy 13:38 13 Feb 04

and has been for the last couple of weeks. Even Emails take forever to go once the "send" button has been clicked. Certainly, I find this affects all my favourite sites, although restarting the PC sometimes works.

I wonder if it is the current virus problems that are slowing things down.

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