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Which file controls dual boot?

  stlucia 11:08 05 Dec 05

My PC is dual boot, with Win 98SE and Win XP Home. Due to a major problem, I've had to format my D:\ drive and reinstall Windows XP. No problem really, except that when I boot up I've now got two entries for Windows XP in the dual-boot selection menu which was installed automatically by Win XP.

For the sake of good order, I want to edit out the duplicate menu line, but for the life of me can't remember where the file is located, or its name -- I thought it was boot.ini, but can't find it on my system.

Can someone help me with file name and location, please? Or can I only get to it by typing some command at the "run" prompt?

  Skyver 11:12 05 Dec 05

Boot.ini will be a hidden system file on your C: partition, it can normally be edited from XP by typing c:\boot.ini at the run prompt but may complain that it's read-only when you try to save, type `attrib c:\boot.ini -r -s -h` at a command prompt beforehand, and reset the hidden and system attributes when you're done.

  stlucia 12:36 05 Dec 05

Thanks, Skyver, that's what I thought. I thought my search included hidded files -- I'll just have to try again.

  stlucia 10:40 06 Dec 05

This is driving me crazy! I've searched manually, and using Windows Explorer, but can't find boot.ini. Explorer is configured to show hidden files, and the search facility reports that it's looking in System folders and in hidden files and folders, but still it doesn't find it any where on my PC -- that's drives C:\ to I:\, desktop, My Documents, etc.

Boot.ini must be there somewhere because I get the dual-boot option whenever I boot up the PC. Any more ideas, please?

  MAJ 11:28 06 Dec 05

You should see it in msconfig, under the "Boot.ini" tab, stlucia.

  stlucia 11:49 06 Dec 05

Ahh !! Thanks Maj.

  mgmcc 13:14 06 Dec 05

It also needs to be configured to display "Protected Operating System Files".

The simplest way to open the Boot.ini file is to right click "My Computer", select Properties, then the Advanced tab. In the Startup & Recovery section, click the Settings button and in the next box, click Edit. The Boot.ini file is then opened in notepad.

  mgmcc 13:16 06 Dec 05

I should have said that the above is done from within XP, not 98SE, despite the Boot.ini file being in the root of "C" drive.

  stlucia 13:20 06 Dec 05

Thanks guys. I'll get onto it tonight, and check the resolved box then.

  stlucia 19:34 06 Dec 05

Job done! Thanks a lot.

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